3 things can affect the health and quality of your lawn—the soil, weather, and the right procedures for lawn care. The soil and weather are apparently challenging to control, however, the right lawn care procedures are the variable that can easily be managed. Also, you can see a great difference once it is done properly. To assist you with this matter, we have compiled 6 easy tips on how to make your lawn healthier and greener.

Never mow too short

The taller the grass your lawn has, the healthier it will be. There’s a corresponding relationship between the depth of the roots and the height of the grass. If you mow at 2 inches, you’ll have roots with 2 inches long and so forth. You get the picture. The additional root mass can make your lawn more resistant to disease and drought. Also, it gives that vest natural weed control.

Water them once they become dry

The majority of grass requires between 1 to 1 ½ inches of water every week, particularly in hot and dry seasons. Water deeply but watering them seldom during mornings to lessen the chances of disease. Watering them once every week is fine. What really matters is the amount of timing and moisture, not the frequency.

Mulch clippings

If you used to bag your clippings, you might be losing too much nitrogen you apply while you fertilize. The clipping can assist in keeping up the soil’s biological activity. Most of all, it is not necessary for you to bag and carry them to the curb in loading landfills,

Follow the 1/3 rule

You should not get rid of more than 1/3 of the grass’s height in one clipping since it stresses and shock the grass. Moreover, it could make more prone to disease and less healthy,

Make sure that your mower blade is sharp

Always sharpen your blade for a mower. Once you cut your grass using a dull blade, it could leave a frayed and jagged edge on the grass, resulting them to turn brown and making them more prone to disease.

Change your patterns of mowing

Altering your mowing patterns guarantees that the wheels aren’t running over the similar parts at all times. If you don’t vary your mowing pattern, it could possibly stress and weaken the grass and it can have bald spots.

Those tips are very important to make sure that your lawn will be lusher, greener, and healthier than ever. For more tips and hacks when it comes to any lawn care service, never hesitate to visit our website. Our professional lawn contractors are reliable and skilled in anything that they do. We also make sure that all of our contractors are licensed, certified, and insured. You can also contact us if you have some inquiries regarding our offered products and services. Our dedicated representative will be responding to you in no time. Check out our offered services on our website now!