To have a beautiful lawn, you’re going to need sod. Sod makes pretty gardens even if it’s winter. If all you ever want is a luxurious lawn, then consider installing sod in your front yard. Sodding is the easiest way to having and keeping a well-manicured lawn.

Sod Installation Tampa

It’s true that installing sod can be such a huge investment. But it’s easier than planting seeds of grass. They regard sodding as the shortcut to having that lush, good-looking lawn that you always wanted. It’s also possible to install sod on your own. If you want to go that route, you can make a successful installation by properly preparing the yard before doing anything else. Here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Install sod at the right season.

The best time to install a sod will depend on your location. Those who live south may lay sod late in the winter. If you live anywhere else, then autumn and spring are the best seasons to install them as you’re going to need the occasional rains and mild weather to keep things green. Summer is the worst time to install sod because the heat will only dry it up.

2. Measure your yard.

Be sure to properly measure the dimensions the plot of land where you’re going to install the turf. By doing so, you’ll know the right number of square or rolls that you need to purchase. That’s how you can stay clear from overbuying.

3. Prep the area.

Don’t just lay the sod without doing any preparation. You have to keep your lawn in the best shape. That’s also the way you can get the most out the sod installation. If you have scraggly grass where the sod will be installed, use an herbicide before cutting them away.

4. Remove unnecessary debris.

If there are large stones, tree stumps, protruding roots, and dirt clods in the area, remove all of them. Use the proper tools in leveling and grading your front yard. You should also make sure that there’s a proper drainage system for your lawn.

5. Aerate.

Make sure that the soil in your lawn is loose before you lay the sod down. Otherwise, you have to aerate it first. Start tilling the soil until you reach the depth of two inches. Only until then you can lay down the sod.

6. Add more soil.

If you’re tilling and preparing the soil on your yard but to no avail, the best recourse would be to add more loam soil to it. Do this to achieve the best possible results when installing new sod. If you decide to add more soil, be sure that you add around four to six inches to the soil’s topmost layers.

These are the things that you must do to ensure that your sod installation is a huge success and not a waste of time and money. If you need help in getting things right, hire professionals who are well-experienced in sod installation Tampa. With their expertise, you’ll never go wrong.