At some point in most of the property owner’s lives, they have certainly faced roofing issues—ranging from minimal leaks to big cracks, roofs undergo from several typical conditions that need immediate action. Here are some of the most common causes of roofing problems that force you to contact a roofing company for their services: 

Roof Leaks 

This is possibly the most typical problem that property owners encounter when it comes to roofs. From cracked flashing to broken slate, tiles, or shingles, there are almost as many reasons why this happens. Usually, roof leaks happen in the following areas: 

  • Below dented shingles 
  • Near the chimney 
  • In low valleys or spots 
  • Close to pipes and vents 
  • At skylights 
  • At flashing points 
  • Around gutters 

While checking your roof, you need to contact a roofing company immediately once you see indications of leaking such as damp walls or discolored ceilings. 

Pooled water 

If the water starts to form mini ponds or pool above your roof, it could lead to issues eventually and this is one of the specific troubles in flat roofs. The key to this issue is to make tapered places over the roof’s surface. Those mini slopes would enable the water to run off, which keeps your roof free of having water damages. 

Holes and punctures 

Everything, from local wildlife to foot traffic, could leave big holes, puncture marks, or scrapes in a roof. Regardless if it’s a contractor walking over the shingles, or a woodpecker that drills holes, the damage could develop as years pass by. This could affect the wood below or expose it to moisture that causes rotting. 


The shrinking of roofing material could result in several problems, like cracking, deterioration. Also, the crucial components pull apart, such as flashing. Shrinkage can specifically impact the roofs, which has roof coverings such as EPDM. 

Blistering and cracking 

Roofs could develop ridges, blisters, and cracks over time. The possibility of seeing those damages relies on what kind of roof you’ve installed on your property. Built-up roods are mostly prone to blistering and cracking.  

Ice and snow damage 

After some years, ice and snow could destroy almost any roof. This is because of the snow and ice that melt into water that ultimately penetrates under your roof shingles. Once that melted snow refreezes, you are in big trouble because the ice under your roof could lift the shingles or flashings, which leaves more gaps.  


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