Many years ago, there were only two basic countertop choices, one is the inexpensive and low-maintenance and the other is the elegant, beautiful and classy. But today, you will never have to sacrifice again the beauty and elegant look for the low maintenance and ease of care because quartz countertops are now on the market. This countertop is ultimate in function and in style and also comes with a lot of colors to choose from classic Carara marble-look to polished ebony-look quartz with delicate veining.   


You may think that this gorgeous countertop will require dedicated upkeep and special care but the expensive and high-quality look can be deceiving because these countertops that are low in maintenance are versatile, durable and cheaper than their natural-stone counterparts.   

Quartz is a man-made material, it is engineered to look a lot like a variety of products with the delicate swirling texture of travertine and dramatic veining and shine of granite and marble. And when you are looking for perfect and pure white countertop, you have found one.  

Here is a guide in caring your quartz countertops overland park that will help you in keeping its gorgeous and elegant look and just as lovely as the day it was installed.  

  • Daily Cleaning  

You need to keep your countertop hygienic and clean whether it is installed in a bath or in the kitchen. Fortunately, cleaning with quartz countertops is so simple because it is completely a non-porous surface, do stains and liquids can’t penetrate its surface. By only using mild soap or a dishwashing liquid applied to a soft dishcloth or a sponge, all you have to do then is wipe and rinse, just that simple.  

  • Special Cleaning  

Even though quartz countertop has a non-porous surface but some mess is too big for your routine cleaning every day. Never use strong chemicals because it can possibly react with the resin and cause etch in the surface. A mild soap or a liquid dishwashing soap is still the best cleaner for the mess. Also, avoid anything abrasive to be used in cleaning like scrubbing or cleanser.    

  • Scheduled Maintenance  

There is no need for a scheduled maintenance for quartz countertops and unlike natural stone, quartz doesn’t need any waxing of sealing in protecting it from mildew and stains even on pure white quartz countertops.  

  • Things to Avoid   

Quartz countertops are extremely durable, the list of the things you should avoid is very short. But it’s important that you should remember it always. Like those permanent markers that are hard to remove and can cause staining, also avoid nail polish remover, silver polish, paint removers, bleach and those oil-based soaps and anything that contains methelyne chloride or trichlorethane.  

  • How to Protect Your Investment  

Quartz countertop can hold anything you use in your daily life but it’s not totally indestructible. Protect it from anything hot like those crock pots and deep fryers and other heat sources such as electric cookers. Use hot pads instead of placing hot pans and pots on the countertop directly and don’t cut directly on the counter, use cutting board.